Makerspace EdCamp coming to Central Rivers AEA!

Exciting news for anyone working on Makerspaces in their school buildings!

Central Rivers AEA Instructional Technologists are hosting a Makerspace EdCamp on March 30th!  We are looking to bring educators together that have makerspaces they have already established, are just getting started, and are thinking about establishing a makerspace in their district!

What is an EdCamp?

An EdCamp is a place to network through discussions, thinking, and problem-solving.  An agenda will be established in the morning based on issues that YOU would like to discuss related to makerspaces.  It is NOT a sit and get professional development, rather YOU are the facilitator guiding the conversation.


Date: March 30th

Location: Central Rivers AEA

Time: 9-1


Come join us and share your expertise and learn from other educators that are looking for ways to build student creativity and voice into their school day!  To register please fill out this form!  

Also, we have started a website as a way to organize our schedule notes-check it out!  

Please pass this email along to any colleagues you think might be interested in attending!




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