Technology in Math

What do you think of when you hear technology in math?  Is it a calculator? Are there other tools used for computation?  There are many different ways to utilize technology in a math classroom.

In order to ensure that technology is used effectively in any classroom, teachers can utilize the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework to identify the nature of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration while teaching their content.  This framework allows educators to reflect on pedagogy, content, and technology as overlapping domains for effective use. When using technology in the classroom it is important to take all three domains into account to ensure the technology is integrated in a way that is pedagogically appropriate for the instruction.

Diagram showing TPack Model

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As you plan your math lesson consider the following three domains in your planning:

  • Content Knowledge-what are you teaching and what is your own knowledge of the subject?
  • Pedagogical Knowledge-how do your students learn best and what instructional strategies do you need to meet their needs and the requirements of the lesson plan?  When planning for math, utilize the 8 Mathematical Practices.
  • Technological Knowledge-what digital tools are available to you, which do you know well enough to use, and which would be most appropriate for the lesson at hand?

According to Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All, an excellent mathematics program integrates the use of mathematical tools and technology as essential resources to help students learn and make sense of mathematical ideas, reason mathematically, and communicate their mathematical thinking (NCTM, 2014).

If you are looking for ways to effectively integrate technology into your mathematics lessons, contact your instructional technology consultant or any of our math consultants for more information and support.

Ashley Flatebo is an Instructional Technology Consultant with Central Rivers Area Education Agency. She can be reached at

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