Early literacy survey of all Iowa elementary schools

It’s been over six years since the passage of Iowa’s early literacy (ELI) law that created the Iowa Reading Research Center (IRRC) and initiated many changes in classrooms across the state of Iowa. The IRRC will be surveying all elementary schools this month to help gain further insight on how reading and writing are being taught across the state since the passage of ELI.

The Iowa Early Literacy Survey includes approximately 50 items that ask respondents to identify elements of their core literacy program, literacy interventions, and summer literacy programs. The survey will be emailed on November 12, to all elementary school principals. One administrator per building will complete the survey, either the principal or the principal’s designee who is most informed about the school’s literacy instruction. All surveys are due by November 26. Follow up will be made to those schools that have not completed the survey in order to get as much participation as possible from schools.

Aggregated results will be shared statewide. School personnel can use the survey results to reflect on their literacy programming compared with the average responses across the state. Along with the Iowa Department of Education and Area Education Agencies, the information will be used in determining how the IRRC can best be of assistance and partner with Iowa schools through ongoing initiatives.

Questions? Contact Kim Swartz, Director of Instruction.