Video Games in School?!?

eSports are quickly gaining popularity across the country and are working their way into Iowa.  Providing students with the opportunity to compete with students across the country increasing their team building skills, collaboration, scholarship and college opportunities.

What is eSports?

eSports provides kids the opportunity to play video games in an organized league sponsored by the HSEL (High School eSports League). The league is open to high school students.  Middle school students can also participate if they are 14 or older and their middle school is located in the same building as the high school.

Why eSports?

Most of your students are already playing a variety of video games, including the games that are part of this structured league.  eSports provides an opportunity for students of all interests to participate and compete together, enhancing collaboration and team building among students across the building.  eSports leagues provide students with access to colleges that have eSports clubs and teams and the scholarships those colleges offer to students to join their teams. In addition to individual college scholarships, HSEL offers scholarships itself.  HSEL also includes a multi-layered honors program that is based on volunteer hours, school attendance, and GPA.

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If you are interested in finding out more about starting an eSports league please contact your technology coach or Michelle Cowell