Updates to Britannica School Online

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Britannica is making their research product more efficient to use with the addition of new tools for your research needs.

The screenshot below shows how easy it is to add content from Britannica to your Google Drive or Google Classroom.  These options appear in the top right hand corner of each article within Britannica.

Britannica drop down

Britannica School Insights

When you install Britannica School Insights on your Chrome browser, your Google searches show articles in Britannica in a window off to the top right side of your browser.  (See graphic below)

Here is a link to add this Extension to your Chrome Browser : Britannica School Insights for Chrome

Advantages of using Britannica School Insights are:

  • Supports digital literacy skills development by surfacing trusted resources in parallel with regular Web search results.
  • Surfaces unique relationships – like related events and people – and uncommon insights – like related topics and unknown fact – that encourage deeper exploration of content and context.
  • Use with any English-language search on the Google Chrome browser, using search engines Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • Move to curriculum-correlated content at any of three reading levels, depending on which is most appropriate, after clicking through the extension results into Britannica School.

Britannica Google search result

Britannica School is a part of the Iowa AEA Online suite of resources and can be accessed by going to our AEA GetMedia page and clicking on the link to Iowa AEA Online, then use your individual Iowa AEA online building username and password to login. For questions regarding Britannica School or any of our other digital resources, please contact one of our Central Rivers AEA teacher librarians, Cheryl Roberson (Carruthers) or Cari Teske.