Seeking pilot schools for Deep Learning with Michael Fullan

Join your colleagues for an overview of Global Network for Deep Learning with Michael Fullan, Director of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, Joanne Quinn, Director for Deep Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and Mag Gardner, Global Network Regional Coach.  This professional learning opportunity is a follow up to the School Administrators of Iowa Pre-Conference with Joanne Quinn on “Coherence”. It is being designed for districts/buildings and/or teachers interested in growing their practice with Blended Learning/ PBL/ Personalized Learning/CBE/AIW and Inquiry Based Learning. This is also for districts/buildings and/or teachers interested in growing their practice with standards-based learning and grading.  The intended audience includes principals and instructional coaches who work with model classroom teachers, school leaders deeply committed to incorporating social emotional skills into instruction in order to enhance student engagement and sense of belonging to the school and community, and school leaders committed to 21st century learning outcomes, student efficacy and engagement in critical thinking, creativity, communication, Character, Citizenship, and Collaboration.

This is an overview of a pilot we are designing for five to six building principals along with no more than two to five classroom teachers to enhance engagement for teachers and students through deeper learning pedagogies, with the support of Michael Fullan’s Global Network tools and Central Rivers AEA.  The overview is a first step to learning about a long-term commitment to a transformational learning environment that will close the achievement gap, with an opportunity to learn how to replicate the data that Dr. Fullan will share about how this approach to enhancing classroom instruction and leveraging digital has raised self and group efficacy of all students and teachers. Join us on November 12 where we share an overview to interested schools to consider joining this global network with the support of Central Rivers AEA, along with Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn’s support teams and tools.

For more information, contact Amy Moine, Director of Professional Learning.