Need help assessing your MTSS system? Want more information on ESSA?

The Central Rivers AEA School Improvement Team will be providing Self Assessment of your MTSS system (SAMI) two-day training and work sessions at each of our regional sites. These sessions are designed to be attended by a building team and time will be provided for the team to complete the SAMI and begin action planning.  The dates include:

  • November 5-6 (Clear Lake and Cedar Falls)
  • November 8-9 (Marshalltown).  
  • Repeat sessions will be offered in January and include January 8 and 15 (Clear Lake), January 8 and 10 (Cedar Falls), and January 10 and 11 (Marshalltown).  

In addition (in collaboration with the Iowa DoE) on December 18, we will hold ESSA administrative informational sessions which are intended for administrators whose schools are designated as comprehensive or targeted. These designations will be made public in early December.

Schools can sign up for these events through the Iowa Professional Learning registration system.

#160616 CR – ESSA Self Assessment of MTSS Implementation (SAMI) Facilitated Session

For more information, contact Joe Kremer, Assessment Coordinator.