English Learners (EL) and state assessment preparation

ELPA21 is a required assessment for all English learners. New this year, all local school districts need to update the Test Information Delivery Engine (TIDE) with their student information.  The DE will no longer do a statewide data upload to pre-populate TIDE for the ELPA21 assessment.  The easiest and most accurate process to update TIDE is by using the ELL Extract in the student information system.  Directions are provided in this document: New User Role and Process for Updating TIDE (Aug 2018)

Key points:

  • The state WILL NOT upload ELs/students (as they did last year) to TIDE
  • Each district needs to complete this independently
  • DE strongly encourages use of the ELL extract to update TIDE (see directions above)
  • Deadline: November 8  (recommend starting now to ensure this is completed in time and that TIDE and SRI match)
  • On Dec. 1, invoices will be sent to LEA’s based on student enrollment in TIDE by Nov. 8
  • On May 31 screener invoices will be sent