Spanish Language Books Purchased with Title III funds

Central Rivers AEA Media Services was so pleased to partner with our ELL consultants,  Annalisa Miner and Lisa Wymore, on the purchase of Spanish language books for secondary students.   There was a need for reading materials in the Spanish language, both for struggling, below-grade level readers and also for those reading at grade level.

Two boxed book sets were created around these needs. This set, Spanish language book set (Orca Soundings) (BB2391) contains 17 novels for students who are struggling or below grade level readers.   Another boxed book set, Spanish language reading materials – secondary (BB2390) contains 15 books for secondary students who are reading at grade level.   These sets are ready to be checked-out via our GetMedia Catalog and delivered to your school to support your Spanish language speaking students.

Media Services was also able to purchase several Spanish Language eBooks to add to your school’s MackinVIA eBook library.   Please let one of the Central Rivers AEA teacher librarians, Cheryl Carruthers or Cari Teske, know if you need any assistance in ordering and using any of these materials.

Spanish Language books pic