Iowa Science Standards

By the end of this academic year, full implementation of the Iowa Science Standards is expected in K-12 classrooms, with grades 6-8 having an additional few years to fully implement.  (Please talk to your AEA science consultant or re-visit the state implementation plan if you need additional information on the timeline for implementation).

While we know that full implementation is expected, it can be difficult to really visualize what “implementation” means with regards to these new standards.  With past science standards, the implementation only referred to an alignment of content.  However, the new Next Generation Science Standards are three-dimensional, focusing not only on content but also on science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts.

The Science Standards Innovation Configuration map can allow teachers, buildings, and districts to determine their progress towards full implementation while identifying their areas of strength as well as potential areas for growth.  In May of 2018, AEA science consultants sent the online IC Map tool to our districts to complete as baseline data.  We have collected the data and sent the 18 participating districts their results via an email to the district superintendent.  If you did not receive results and are interested in your district completing the IC map, feel free to contact your Central Rivers AEA science consultant or regional administrator.

The combined results of all participating Central Rivers AEA districts is available here for those who would like to see trends between their district and the agency as a whole.  It is our intention to repeat the IC Map survey near the conclusion of this school year to be able to identify growth and potential areas for professional development.  We look forward to working with your districts and serving them in moving forward towards full implementation.