AEA Purchasing Buyers Guide for 2018-19

AEA Purchasing in an initiative of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (IAAEA) whose goal is to combine the purchasing power of Iowa’s schools, both big and small, to offer competitively bid pricing on materials, goods and services. By participating, schools and other eligible entities save time, money and free up valuable staff resources that can be dedicated to other activities focusing on students and overall achievement. Other benefits include:

• Dependable vendors and statewide pricing
• National pricing at the state level though AEPA
• Order any time of year…even on the weekends and during the summer!
• Low or no minimum purchase requirements for savings
• Advisory committees help determine the best product/cost value
• Certified staff knowledgeable on state bid laws, processes

Check out the Buyer’s Guide for 2018-19 with new added vendors and information on the many areas where schools can save. Save on Purchases – Spend on Students!