New Resource: The Wonder of Science

With so many resources to look through and little to no time to actually peruse them, it is easy to overlook some valuable websites that can assist teachers in the implementation of the new science standards.  One website that is certainly worth your time is The Wonder of Science.  This site was created last year and is a managed by Paul Andersen, creator of Bozeman science online videos, and has a collection of resources, phenomena ideas, sample assessments, and unit planning ideas.

Some highlights of the site include:

Under the “Standards” tab, you can click on “State view” and can then click on the starred states to see the NGSS curriculum of that state.  Keep in mind that some states have a mandated common curriculum with regards to learning objectives. While Iowa leaves curricular decisions within local control, it can be interesting to see how other states are meeting the standards.

Under the “Teaching” tab, you can click on the science practices and/or the crosscutting concepts to read the progressions as well as see an alignment to specific standards that utilize those dimensions.

The “Resources” tab is FILLED with wonderful links but one that you probably will want to click on is the link that will take you to a Google folder from Bethel School District that has a wonderful variety of 3-D Assessments they are working on at the middle school and high school level.  For the elementary teachers, you may want to click on the Draft Assessment link and select your grade level and then click a standard you will see a sample assessment task written by teachers just like you!

Try to find some time to check out this website and consider how it might support you in your implementation of the Iowa Science Standards! Feel free to contact science consultants Mandie Sanderman ( and Kay Schmalen ( with any of your science questions or requests.