Looking for resources to support Coding in the Classroom?

01 Evo By Ozobot White Hero Shot 4Q2017 largeCheck out two robots that are available through Central Rivers Media Services that support Coding. Information and ordering instructions for the Ozobot EVO starter pack (951137) and the Ozobot 2.0 Bit starter pack (951138) can be found in our GetMedia online materials catalog.

The Ozobot EVO kit supports an interactive environment where students can learn coding by using different colors. Students can draw various patterns using “Ozocode” and see how the robot reads and responds to their creations. Download the Ozobot EVO app to experience additional programming options.

The Ozobot 2.0 Bit starter kit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes, short color code sequences that students draw with markers on paper. OzoCodes command the the bot to speed up, slow down, spin and more to complete mazes and challenges.

For additional information on Ozobots check out these videos:

Ozobot – Available for Checkout

Ozobot – Available for Checkout (Audio Described)

For assistance in checking out the Ozobots or any other media resources, please contact Central Rivers Media Services at: 641-844-2410 or 800-735-1539 or via email – Reservations@centralriversaea.org

If you have questions about resources available from Central Rivers Media Services, need assistance or implementation strategies for their use with students, please contact one of the Central Rivers AEA teacher librarians, Cheryl Carruthers or Cari Teske.