2 New FLIX added to Iowa AEA Online

Iowa AEA’s will continue to provide access to quality digital resources to our schools via Iowa AEA Online at http://www. iowaaeaonline.org. We have signed 2 year contracts for each of these 13 resources. Two NEW resources that have been added to Iowa AEA Online are:

Grade band: 4-Freedom FLIX - Authentica nonfiction resources supported with the very best curated content!9

With more than 60 multimedia units spanning 10 core areas of social studies, FreedomFlix™ offers students a behind the- scenes look at the people, places, and events that shaped our world. In order for students to build their content knowledge they must have access to credible, accurate, age-appropriate content. Topics of study include: Ancient World, Colonial Era, Westward Expansion, Slavery and Civil War, 20th Century, to name just a few. Each unit contains an introductory video, an eBook, primary sources and vetted web links. This resource helps students develop inquiry-based learning skills, along with strengthening literacy skills. Engage even the most reluctant readers with this dynamic, interactive digital resource!

Grade band: 4-9

With an emphasis on the latest STEM thinking and the Next Generation Science Standards, ScienceFLIX provides students with a better understanding of science concepts through hands-on projects, videos and multiple text types. This “encyclopedia-like” portal provides access to subjects arranged in six broad categories: Science FLIX 2“Earth Science,” “Space Science,” “Life Science,” “Health & Human Body,” “Physical Science,” and “Technology, Math & Engineering.” ScienceFLIX helps students practice hands-on scientific study, develop inquiry-based learning skills and build STEM content knowledge. As classrooms continue to emphasize STEM education, students and teachers need reliable and relevant resources to increase science literacy. This dynamic and engaging resource will empower the next generation of innovators and foster a continued interest in science.
If you have questions about any of these resources, need assistance or implementation strategies for their use with students, please contact one of the Central Rivers AEA teacher librarians, Cheryl Carruthers or Cari Teske.